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About Privacy Logic

After hearing tragic news about a female sports reporter who was stalked and filmed while nude through the door peephole at the hotel where she was staying, Privacy Logic was formed and developed SPEYEGUARD® Peephole Covers.  

Our missions is to provide innovative peephole security solutions to protect the privacy of those living or staying behind doors with peepholes.


About Peephole Security

Hotel security can be breached when least expected, even at the most conscientious of hotels.  Erin Andrews, the former ESPN sportscaster was stalked by Michael David Barrett who followed her to hotels in different cities and states. He then altered the peephole on her hotel room door and used a cell phone to videotape her while nude and posted the footage on the internet. Ms. Andrews filed suit against Barrett who pled guilty to stalking charges and was sentenced to a 30-month prison term. She recently filed a civil lawsuit against Michael Barrett, the hotel owner and managment company and was awarded $55 million dollars for invasion of privacy and negligence.

Unfortunately, the Erin Andrews case is not an isolated one.  Police uncovered evidence from the same perpetrator who stalked approximately 14 other women. Peephole tampering incidents have occured on college campuses where students reversed the door viewers to spy on others from the opposite side.

Peepholes are installed to increase security, however, they are often loose and easy to dimantle, which can result from normal use or change in climate. Reverse Peephole Viewers are available on the Internet, allowing anyone to spy discreetly outside the door.  Unfortunately, hotel guests are more vulnerable but they are not alone. If you live in an apartment, dorm, or condo and have a peephole on your door, you have legitimate reasons to be concerned about your privacy.

While we believe every door with a peephole should be permanently protected with a SPEYEGUARD® Stationary Cover, we also designed SPEYEGUARD® Portable Covers to protect your privacy when you're away from home.



Environmentally Friendly

We want to protect your privacy, and our environment.  By keeping the manufacture of our products close to home we eliminate extra shipping and fuel emissions, making every effort to keep a low impact on our environment.  


Made in the U.S.A.

No outsourcing here!  We proudly manufacture our products in the U.S.A. where we maintain high standards and carefully monitor strict quality controls.









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